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11.200 km from across the country in 26 day, 

Explore Russia, in the most profound way!

The Trans-Siberian Expedition | Vladivostok

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     26 D

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    11200 Km

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    Personal Bike

    BMW F700GS

    Honda CRF1000

    BMW R1200 GS


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    Single Room

    +Pillion (Passenger)


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    Day 1 & 2. Arriving in Vladivostok. Rest day

    Transfer to the hotel. Signing all documents and learning more about each other, route, schedule 
    for the day, etc. There will be a welcome dinner with fresh seafood in a restaurant in the evening.

    Vladivostok is a young but very interesting city. We will travel to the Russki Island to see how 
    the defensive fort has been building for more than 100 years ago. We will visit viewpoints with 
    fascinatingly beautiful landscapes seen and after stop by the Tokarev lighthouse. Moreover, we 
    will be able to take a glance on the waterfront real shoot from a main gun at 12 o'clock. It 
    happens every day as it is a military tradition. Furthermore, we will visit the Museum-submarine 
    C-56. Lastly we will wonder around the city and a local pedestrian street. Bikes preparation 


    Day 3: Vladivostok - Khabarovsk, 750 km

    This day you will learn to love the Far East! It has stunning nature and mountains and a very 
    pleasant and easy way. Khabarovsk is probably the most beautiful city in the Asian part of the 
    Trans-Siberian route. The Amur River is wide here, hills are beautiful and it is plentiful of 
    forests. In the evening, we will take a walk in the center of Khabarovsk. It has a great walking 
    area with monuments, museums, temples and a theater. 


    Day 4: Khabarovsk - Blagoveshchensk, 700 km

    This part of the road has viewpoints. We will have lunch on one of them and will be able to 
    enjoy a great landscape. As well as we will take pictures near the legendary monument 
    "Moscow-Vladivostok". Blagoveshchensk was established in the middle of 19th century to 
    guard the borders of the Russian Empire. 

    We will get a chance to walk along the Amur River which separates Russia from China. It is very close, only 20-30 minutes by ferry, but there are other laws, traditions, culture, language - it is very unusual. Chinese side is always active: local 
    music and light bulbs all around. 


    Day 5: Blagoveshchensk-Erofey Pavlovich, 790 km

    On this day we will stop by active Vostochny cosmodrome . We will have space food for 
    astronauts in tubes for lunch – you will be able to choose soups or main courses. If we are lucky 
    enough, we will stop by a view point and see cosmodrome with our own eyes. We will stop in 
    the middle between Blagoveshchensk and Chita – nearby the town Erofey Pavlovich. 

    Tonight we will sleep like long-haul trackers.

    Road romance... 


    Day 6: Erofey Pavlovich- Chita, 780 km

    Deserted places, steppes, very rarely little villages, once in 200 kilometers local gas station.


    Day 7: Chita - Ulan-Ude, 670 km

    There will be a road full of beautiful mountains, forests, steppes, rivers and lakes. So much 
    variety in one day - very cool. We will have dinner today in the city center in a restaurant with 
    local food and panoramic views. Also we will walk and see across some sights of Ulan-Ude. 

    Russia is an amazing country where not only a multitude of nationalities live peacefully, but also 
    the three main religions (Christianity, Islam and Buddhism) prosper. 


    Day 8: Ulan-Ude - Arshan, 480 km

    In the morning we will ride to the Buddhist temple on Lysaya Gora - a beautiful place with 
    panoramic views of the city. Then we will go along scenic roads to the foot of the Sayan 

    We will go around Lake Baikal from the southern part. A very picturesque road - on 
    our right we will see Baikal, and on the left - the mountains. In the evening we will arrive in 
    Arshan and go to a cozy Buddhist temple (datsan). 


    Day 9: Arshan - Lake Baikal! (Olkhon island), 510 km

    We will start the morning with a hike in the mountains - go to look at the waterfall. In the same place we will get real mineral water from an underground source.

    And now we will go to Olkhon island in the middle of Lake Baikal!! On the way we will stop at the local fish market. On the ferry we will cross over to Olkhon Island - the most beautiful place of Lake Baikal. It is difficult to convey in words the beauty that awaits us. We will stop in the central part of the island. It will take us 30km by dirt road. There are no paved roads on the island, since this is a national park and road construction is prohibited there. 


    Day 10 & 11: Lake Baikal (Olkhon island), rest day

    Free time - walking, swimming, taking photos, enjoying the beauty and eating legendary Baikal 

    Lake Baikal is the deepest lake on the planet - the depth reaches 1642 meters! By the way - this is 19% of all stocks of drinking water in the world. 

    Continuing to inhale the beauty of that place and to discover it. This day we will have a tour on 
    Russian jeeps across the island, horse riding or sailing. 


    Day 12: Lake Baikal (Olkhon island) - Tulun, 685 km

    In the evening we arrive at the Great Lake Baikal! The deepest lake on Planet Earth —1642 meters! By the way, this is 19% of all the fresh water in the world. 

    We will visit Olkhon Island — the most beautiful place of Baikal. It is difficult to describe the beauty that awaits us. 

    We will stop in the central part of the island. It will take us 30 km by dirt road. There are no paved roads on the island, since this is a National Park.


    Day 13: Tulun - Krasnoyarsk, 670 km

    Today we are taking a smooth road through small villages and will stop for a tasty lunch on the lake. 

    Krasnoyarsk is a big Siberian city. The city is situated on the Yenisei River, one of the 
    biggest rivers in the world. In the evening you will have free time to regain your energy and get 
    ready for the Siberian boreal forest! 


    Day 14: Krasnoyarsk, rest day

    This day we will start with a hike in the reserve "Stolby". This place is fantastic! These rocks in 
    the middle of the Siberian Taiga (boreal forest) and the views that open from them are just 

    We will climb the rock Grandmother. From this rock we will be able to see wonderful panoramas and many kilometers that we will be enjoying in the rest of the journey. 

    We will spend there half a day. Next, you can choose between a city tour with a local English- 
    speaking guide, horse riding or private motomuseum with the pre-war military bikes like BMW and Harleys. 


    Day 15: Krasnoyarsk - Kemerovo, 570 km

    Today we will drive along the stunning roads and serpentines of the Altai Mountains. 

    And we will stop at a hydropower station and a magnificent observation deck, from where a panoramic view of the great Yenisei River and mountains can be observed. Kemerovo is an industrial city, so it is the best place to go to the pine forest on the other side of the river and relax with massage in the Park-hotel. 


    Day 16: Kemerovo - Novosibirsk, 320 km

    Almost a rest day, just 320 km. We will go to the provincial town Jurga in the center of Siberia. 
    We can relax by the river, take a ride on the pontoon bridge, or go to the outskirts of the city 
    where a tank range is. 

    Then we will go to Novosibirsk by a very picturesque road having beautiful views and a good track. In the evening we will start to look around Novosibirsk, drive past the a hydropower station and stop at a train Museum. It is a very interesting Museum - 120 exhibits! The exhibits are taken from the different times, on many it is possible to climb, somewhere even to visit a cabin of the driver. We will stop in the hotel right on the river bank so that we will be able to leave our bikes and have a nice evening walk along the river. 


    Day 17: Novosibirsk - Omsk, 645 km

    This day we will have a day of motorcycle meditation. The road is straight, in excellent 
    condition and has minimal traffic. You can think about your inner world, think about topics that 
    there is not enough time to think about in the in the usual hectic life. And enjoy the beautiful 
    views, of course. We will have a lunch on a picturesque lake and a field where we can ride 
    Enduro style, and then just lie under the birches on the grass. 

    In Omsk, we will stay in a hotel- castle which will take us back to the times of the Middle Ages, where you can feel like a knight, resting during a hike.